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Generate any part in minutes.
Scan a part footprint from a datasheet, and you'll have a part library minutes later.
What We Do
Our computer vision algorithm grabs the footprint geometry from the datasheet. You just annotate pad names and a few dimensions. Our system infers the remaining dimensions and exports the part as an EAGLE library.
Move Fast
Pinpoint is vastly easier and faster than manually drawing parts.
Avoid Mistakes
You verify the key part dimensions, so you know the library is accurate.
Stay Focused
Pinpoint's speed minimizes the mental interruption caused by creating a part.
How Pinpoint Works
Step 1
Upload an image
Take a screenshot of the recommended pad drawing in the datasheet. Paste it into Pinpoint Parts.
Step 2
Mark the pads
Click inside each pad and enter its name. Our algorithm auto-detects the geometry of the pads.
Step 3
Enter dimensions
Enter the dimensions from the drawing. Our algorithm automatically solves for the remaining dimensions.
Compatible Software
Pinpoint currently exports the Eagle library format, with plans to support all major EDA software soon.
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